Artificial Intelligence in Chatbots
author Helge Legernes, November 2018

In my previous paper about Chatbots I focused on why chatbots fail and how to succeed. In this report I will give you the basic understanding about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in conjunction with chatbots.

Worldwide, we send over 23 billion text messages a day. Texting is the most widely used mode on smartphones and over 90% of the text messages are read in under 3 minutes. About 30 billion messages are sent daily in Whatsapp. Hence in order to build a successful AI driven chatbot, text analysis is a fundamental part, so let us take a look at the subject.

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succeed with chatbots
author Helge Legernes, October 2018

Chatbots are still one of the biggest hypes, even though so many chatbots have failed. Do chatbots deserve to be a hype, Yes definitely, we are still just in the start of this era.

Why have so many chatbots failed and how should you do to avoid the failures?

First of all, let us define a chatbot. Chatbots are a service powered by artificial intelligence that you interact with via a chat interface, an alternative to human conversation. Chatbots are good at specific tasks, simple ones like a rule-based chatbot that answers basic customer service questions, or more complex operations, like helping customers find the right products based on their style and needs.

Two great examples of chatbots that works fine are’s Messenger chatbot and Finnair's ”Finn” Messenger chatbot. Chatbots work great when integrated with apps and websites, in order to boost interaction with customers, because of a change in user preference towards conversational marketing.

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messenger vs e-mail
author Helge Legernes, May 2018

I have previously written about the two marketing methods in the article “Is it time to bring the 38-year-old newsletter dinosaur into our millennium?”, however that was almost a year ago and I would like to share new insights with you.

There are some similarities between Facebook Messenger chatbots and e-mail. They are both very targeted, direct forms of marketing. Whereas traditional advertisement-mediums like billboards and tv seek to reach the widest possible audience, e-mail and Messenger send a specific message to pre-selected and segmented customers. Furthermore, both methods seek to, not just bring awareness to a product or service, but also to link the customers to where they can make a purchase or complete the sender’s desired outcome.

So, with these similarities, the question arises: do Facebook Messenger chatbots provide a better alternative to e-mail marketing? Let us take a closer look at them.

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increase conversions
author Helge Legernes, March 2018

In my blog post, Increase conversion rates with Bots, part 1, I wrote about how you could collapse the sales funnel and greatly improve your conversion rates, by using Bots in a smart way. This article will be more specific and will give an example on how you can combine a Facebook Ad and a Chatbot in finding qualified nearby leads and encourage in-person visits.
Chatbots are artificial intelligence powered applications designed to mimic conversations with real people with the aim of providing more personalized service, typically on mobile devices. My example will be a car dealer and we will combine the tools from Facebook Customer Audience and a Chatbot powered by the Zummy AI Insight Engine.

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increase conversions
author Helge Legernes, January 2018

Collapse the sales funnel and improve your conversion rates. By using Bots in a smart way, you will get this superpower.
Most of your website visitors, bounces quickly without either buying, reading or leaving their e-mail address. Typically you will get 0.7% sign up conversion rate.

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messenger qr codes
author Helge Legernes, November 2017

Proving the return on investment of your social media efforts has long been a key challenge for social marketers, and one which, gradually, as social becomes a more prominent part of business, the platforms themselves are working to better facilitate.

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messenger and publishers
author Helge Legernes, September 2017

Chatbots is the new hype for agencies and marketers. If you do not speak about or write about it, when meeting the clients to discuss their marketing strategy – you are out. However, do the Chatbot deliver value for the clients and end users? Is it really the new “holy grail”? Will there be an evolution to a new generation of Chatbots, and if so why?
Let us take a deep dive.

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the newsletter dinosaur
author Helge Legernes, June 2017

Today, most newsletter marketing delivers low customer engagement. Digital marketing has entered a more challenging territory. Building on the vast increase in consumer power brought on by the digital age, marketing is headed toward being on demand - not just always “on", but also always relevant, responsive to the consumer’s desire for marketing that cuts through the noise with pinpoint delivery.
Are newsletter of today relevant and do they deliver with pinpoint accuracy and do they create customer engagement? No, far from. According to Janrain’s 2015 report ”Consumer Identity and Mistargeting”, 96% of the consumers say they receive mistargeted information or promotions. 37% unsubscribe to emails after only being mistargeted two or fewer times.

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F8 Conference
author Helge Legernes, April 2017

Earlier this week, Facebook released Messenger 2.0 at the F8 conference in San Jose, Ca. The platform has really matured since it’s release in April last year. More than 1.2 Billion people are sending more than 2 Billion messages pr months.
Wow, my dear marketers, that is quite an audience.

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