Customer Case: The Sports Team Bot

AIK popup AIK, the well known Swedish soccer-club, has gotten a new channel to communicate with their supporters. The mix of the Zummy Bot, both as an Information Bot, but also as a Chatbot has been a success in the communication with the supporters.

Apart from sending out information, AIK also promotes merchandise from their shop as well as sell tickets via the bot. Furthermore, live feeds from games are sent out.

The Zummy Sports Team Bot, is used by several soccer and ice hockey clubs in Sweden.

AIK messenger bot

Client: AIK Fotboll

The App: AIK Fotboll on Messenger


The Challenge: To get “heard” in the information noise and to get a market channel for “fly by” supporters and the supporters whom do not care to download a Club App.

The Solution: High supporter engagement via the Zummy Messenger bot.

Features: The Zummy Information and Chatbot, Social Signup, Call to Action buttons, Live Feeds from games.

Launch: May 2018

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