Case: Publisher

The mix of Facebook Messenger as the Bot Channel and the Personalization Algorithms has been a success. We help publishers to monetize the true value of their content. KPIs on open-rate and click-through rate are high and stays high in the Facebook Messenger Channel, leading to higher user engagement and a broad reach of the content sent through the platform, scheduled for daily sendouts and broadcast at breaking news events.

The Bot serves also as a New Marketing Channel for native advertising and in combination with data from the CRM system, the buttons in Messenger serves as a CTA tool for conversion to digital subscribers.


Client: Hegnar AS

The App: Hegnar on Messenger


The Challenge: Few new subscribers signing of newsletter and low click-through rates.

The Solution: The Zummy bot has significantly increased reader engagement, with high open rates (average >60%), high CTR (average >20%), high conversion (average >10%) and increased traffic to site (average >12%).

Features: Zummy Information bot, Social Signup, Broadcast Messages, Scheduled Sendouts

Launch: February 2017

Download: PDF on Messenger for the Publishing Business.

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