Case: iGaming

By using the Zummy solution, iGaming businesses can get increased customer response and conversion.

There has been a significant rise in the usage of messaging apps over the past 2 year. This has changed the way we communicate in our everyday lives. A huge percentage of our time is now in fact spent communicating online. As these conversations happen via mobile, users can easily be reached at any time of the day.

With the Zummy solution you can engage with your customers where they are! More than 1.3 billion people are active each month in this great messaging app.

The Zummy solution, yields great customer engagement:
High Conversion Rate for Signups
5-10x higher compared to e-mail

High Open Rate
4-5 x higher compared to e-mail

High Click Through Rate
3-5 higher compared to e-mail

Increased traffic to site
Between 10%-20% extra traffic

High Conversion Rate on Call To Action Buttons
10%-20% conversion

Connect with customers through social sign ups and engage with them, using our machine learning personalization algorithms, in Zummy Chatbots in Messenger. Integrate data from your CRM, via our APIs, for deep and direct customer engagement.

Messenger for iGaming

Case: iGaming and Online Betting

The Challenge: Need for
- increased conversion
- increased customer engagement
- a new direct marketing and sales channel
- further customer engagement in mobile devices

The Solution: The Zummy Actionable Bot integrated with the customers CRM system for deep and direct customer engagement.

Features: Zummy Actionable Bot, Social SignUp, QR barcode option, Broadcast and Automated Messages, Call To Action buttons, Zummy API toolkit.

Download: PDF on Messenger for iGaming.

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