About us

Zummy AB, a Stockholm based company, was founded in December 2015, by entrepreneurs with a long track record within Cognitive search (search, natural language processing (NLP) and AI/Machine Learning), analytics (big data) and deep semantic text analysis, thus the perfect base for AI robotized BOTS.

Zummy is built on our vision "that the next generation of marketing will be automated, personal and AI-driven, providing a fully autonomous system that accomplishes all the execution and analysis for you". On this vision Zummy delivers a new generation of digital marketing tools creating high user engagement.

The Zummy cloud based solutions help our clients to send out highly personalized relevant marketing material (content and native ads) or assist our clients in their dialogue with their customer in a fully automated predictive AI driven interactive process, by use of BOTs.

Book title: Digital passion
Author: Frida Boisen
ISBN: 9789150932560

30 bots
25 AI Processes
30 customers
55 million messages

Rolf Pörkenäs

Rolf Pörkenäs, VP Sales

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Helge Legernes

Helge Legernes, CEO

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Svante Petersson

Svante Petersson, CFO

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Daniel Ling

Daniel Ling, Head of Development/CTO


Magnus Ebbesson

Magnus Ebbesson, Senior Developer



Weronica Nordmark, Marketing

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